About the DAKKA

After playing years of competitive TF2, trolling Minecraft and raging at Heroes of Newerth , we are now a small community of dudes playing what we want, when we want.

We still have an active mumble server and play games such as TF2 (for lols), DOTA and various other new releases as they come out.

Feel free to come say hi :)


See below for connection information. If you're unable to connect try and pick another username as it may already be taken.

  • IP/Hostname: mumble.dakkagaming.com
  • Port: 64738
Dungeons and Dragons

A few of us have embarked on a truly noble path of geekage: Dungeons and Dragons. We have a small party with a random play schedule. You can follow our adventure if you care enough to read stuffs. If you want to actually play with us find one of us on Steam or mumble and we'll see if we can fit you in.

Our adventure so far...